Surviving Primary One (First Half)

OH YAY! It’s the start of June Holidays!

You know why it is worth a blog post and a celebration?

Because we came a lo0000000ng way!

My daughter is an EXTREMELY shy and low self confidence human being. She eats extremely slowly too (reminds me of zootopia’s Sloth)! Prior to her start of school, we were so worried that she couldn’t finish her food in time during recess!

My girl who is so slow like zootopia’s Flash

For the first 2 months of her Primary School, she cried EVERY (YES EVERY) morning, sometimes even throughout the lesson time. The school counselor had to pull her out from the car every morning.

During the first 3 months, she always will have stomach pain in the morning. These are signs of anxiety. Sometimes, she will even vomit during breakfast.

She cannot sleep and she will always cry during weekdays. It was so bad, because she couldn’t eat and she couldn’t smile. I cannot recall any of my friends or relatives telling me anyone who start their Primary One so drama mama one!

I attribute to the fact that she has a low ability to adapt to new environment. In conjunction with the start of her school, we shifted house (out from our in-laws house to stay ourselves), have a new baby in the house, and she also has to go to after-school care after her school time. Everything added up and that caused her much distress.

Now 5 months have past, it is a different story now.

  1. Morning is less struggle: Every morning, she is able to wake up in time (with the help of her biggest alarm clock – mummy), brush her teeth, wash her face, then change to uniform and sit down for breakfast. All these take her around 45 to 50 minutes time. She used to start crying the moment she wakes up because the thought of going to school really frightens her. I think she imagines going to school like visiting haunted house.
Go school like go haunted house visit

2. She eats her recess in 10 minutes: It is amazing how a “Miss Snail” can turn into “Ms Cheetah” when in school! She always takes 1 hour to finish her food when we are together, but in school, she can finish her recess in 10 good minutes! She told me that her fishball noodles (She has the same food everyday) has only 1 fishball haha. Maybe there is only 2 strands of noodle also! I am so proud of her that she can finish in such a short time!

3. She finishes her dinner in 30 minutes : Still worth mentioning! haha. Remember 1 hour for her meals? Now she can finish up in 30 minutes and we do not even need to feed her! (What a princess)

4. She calls us daily : There is this 10 cent coin old style telephone in her school, she will use it to call me and her daddy straight after she finish her fishball noodles during recess.  It’s usual talk about what do we eat for dinner, to eat out or to dabao back home to eat. She will call her dad to tell him same old stuff to pick her up from after school care on time. She also write notes to me daily which I cherish it =)

Old coin phone

5. She participates in “Show and Tell” confidently : And I am soooo PROUD of her! Imagine a girl who is so scare of school, now turns into someone who takes pride during show and tell. For her first show and tell during English lesson, she still mentioned that shes afraid. But for the second show and tell for Mandarin lesson, she did up a powerpoint presentation slides (with my help of course), brought prizes for question and answer for her classmates and according to her teacher she was confident and spoke out loud!

6. She goes shopping at her book store : This boosts her confidence level a lot! Now she will help us buy drinks at the coffeeshop or even pay money at the cashier at the supermarket. It’s a BIG thing for her! My husband says she has my shopping genes.

7. She carries a big turtle shell bag to school daily : Although it is quite heart breaking to see her carry a bag bigger than her, it seems like she has grown stronger by the training.

8. She takes in a wider variety of food : Recently she told me she took nutella bread and eat hor fun in student care. I am quite delighted for her! haha. Being the super conservative risk taker, she now takes in NUTELLA and even HOR FUN! She hates chocolate and she only likes rice and soup. For this change, I am happy for her. Even when we are outside she will ask for popiah to eat haha! Always felt so boring to bring her out for food. Still boring but she has changed for the better!

9. She packs her own school bag: Sometimes, the baby needs our attention more. Like recently, we focused more on our baby because she was cranky due to fever and flu. And she actually packed her own bag for her River Safari excursion! The next day she told me she was appointed a group leader because she was the only one in the group who brought a clip board, as instructed by the teacher. Because of this, she felt good and great! Oh the thing is I am proud she can pack her own school bag already haha!

The clipboard that makes Vera a group leader

10. She’s all grown up, happy and confident. And I have seen how much we have gone through this past half a year. She is eating happily, enjoying classes, doing well academically and socialising well with her classmates.

I wish that she will continue to exude this kind of positiveness in her!


Proud Mama. =)

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