Ice Cube Tray for Puree and Soup Stock

My baby is 5.5 months old now and I have a 7 year old kid to manage. I am also a full time working mum with no help at all. Sometimes, I feel guilty that my kid has been eating outside food a tad too often. With this in mind, I have been searching for short cuts to cook healthier food for my kids.

The only time for working mum is of course our weekends, I have decided to do a big batch of puree food and soup stocks for my kids over the weekends. And then I will freeze it inside the ice cube trays. Everyday I will take out the puree and heat up for my baby to eat. Soup stock is good too cook noodles or soup or porridge for my elder kid.

I have sourced over qoo10 and  carousell for good ice cube trays which are BPA Free and soft to handle. Means once pop, the ice cubes can easily come out.

Chanced upon this seller selling on qoo10:

qoo10 screen capture

qoo10 screen capture 1
Many different colours and designs
As stated in her shop listing,these are the good points of the tray:

  1. Stackable to save on space
  2. Freezer + Oven + Microwave + Dishwasher safe
  3. Durable & do not crack easily like Polyethylene(PE) freezing tray.
  4. Unlike non-cover tray, covers prevent unpleasant freezer odors and other contamintions.
  5. Environmentally Friendly( BPA/Toxic /Odor Free )
  6. Making ice cubes, freezing baby homemade food, puree ,porridge, juices, soup, breast milk, vegetables, fruits and lots more.
  7. Excellent cold (-20C) & heat (+240C) resistance.
  8. Excellent elasticity allowing freezing content to be removed at very minimal effort.

So yup! there is cover, is BPA, and does not crack! Her shop can be found here!

And the BEST PART IS………

BUY 3 free 1 small tray!!!!

There are 3 options for the tray: 21, 9 and 4 compartments!

Yay! For more convenient food storage! =) Happy cooking!

Shall post my way of storing purée n how to do soup stocks soon!

Meanwhile, there are some soup stocks out there that I am following:

  1. Noobcook chicken soup stock
  2. Noobcook vegetable broth
  3. High calcium fish and vegetable stock by coffeeandtoastmama

30 baby purees for a start click here. (By



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