Radish Corn Carrot Pork Rib Soup

Weather is sweltering hot and it makes everybody’s body a bit on cranky mode.

My elder girl has persistent ulcers (not hfmd no worries) and my husband is always on the go outside this hot weather.
It’s good to have cooling soup to nourish our body once in a while. And since this Sunday (Mother’s Day) we have no programmes other than napping at home, I decided to cook a lot of radish soup for the whole family!

This soup is super yummy and healthy because of the various vegetables present. It is very sweet with radish and corn inside! Try it now!

Adapted this recipe from this blog, except that I did not add in red dates. Shall try next time!


1) one whole radish

2) one whole corn (can add more to make it sweeter)

3) 1-2 whole carrot

4) pork ribs 300-400grams


1) blanch pork ribs in boiling water to remove scum

2) skin radish and carrots and chop to pieces

3) remove corn and chop to pieces

4) put balanced pork ribs, carrots, corns and radish into


Soup is Served!


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