Electric lunch box- corn Ikan bilis porridge and steamed egg

Wanted to make a simple porridge for my 7 year old girl because I feel that we had too much of eating outside.

Trusting my little electric lunch box, I managed to prepare the ingredients in 10 mins and cook for 1 hour and let her have simple home made lunch.

Ingredients for  ikan bilis porridge
Ingredients for ikan bilis Porridge

5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice

Electric Lunch Box Little Bear Cup

throw all ingredients in

Beat two eggs

Little Bear Electric Lunch Box

Meal is Served


1) 1 cup of rice and 6 cups of water

2) one small dried scallop

3) handful of corn cobs

4) Ikan bilis handful

Steamed Egg:

1) 2 eggs beaten until fluffy

2) add water

3) add oil
I am still learning how to beat an egg nicely for steaming. Haha!

Electric lunch box is very convenient for busy mothers like me! Can get it here

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