Most Important Breastfeeding Supplements

I am currently nursing a 4.5 months old cutesy little baby. Prior to her I nursed for 1 year for my first-born. My first born is now 7 years old already.

Breastfeeding is magical, it is good bonding, it builds good immune system.

But nobody tells us how much nursing mothers have to sacrifice to produce this liquid gold. We went through 9 months of pregnancy, then few hours of hard labour. Surely, we need some good supplements to nourish our body after delivery especially if we chose to breastfeed.

I shall share what kind of supplements I take (it is not conclusive and I am not an expert. For advice, please do consult your doctor!)

But first, I realise that supplements are expensive in Singapore. I can buy 30% off the price in iherb. You may sign up here.

    1. Calcium – Heh heh! Yes since young, our teachers teach us that calcium is good for bones right? So yea, calcium it shall be! Ok this calcium, I buy from local pharmacies in hospitals because they are REALLY CHEAP! Forget about those popular brands out there selling in Watsons, I got it at fraction of the price in hospital pharmacies!
    2. DHA – You can get DHA at iherb!  DHA helps for brain development of the baby. You always see it in formula milks also! I had this while I was pregnant and continue to do so now that I am breastfeeding (I wonder if I will become cleverer too?) DHA is very expensive at my gynae there. It costs the same amount but only one third of the number of pills available. So it makes more sense to buy from iherb right??

      Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA
      Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA
    3. Obimin – Obimin is a multivitamin that is quite cheaply available in pharmacies locally. Multivitamins are good because it contains all the vitamins A to Z, iron, folic acid etc and they are all combined into this little pill. My gynae always says put the supplements near my toothbrush, grab and eat before brushing teeth. Sounds like idea heh!
    4. Alternatively, I found another plant based multivitamins available in iHerb also. I bought this to replace obimin because the packaging looks kind of chio? hahaha.

      Multivitamin Pre natal
    5. Coconut Oil – Recently there has been this craze over coconut oil being a superfood. It is like super good for health and healthy that people are now using it to cook, apply on hair, on dry skin etc. I read on forums that coconut oil can even provide healthy fats to breastmilk! It can significantly increase the fats contents in your breastmilk and it is also a booster!
Jarrow Formula Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Jarrow Formula Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Let me know if there are good supplements out there worth a Mama to eat? haha




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