Foods to Boost Breastmilk 

I have a 4.5 months baby and a 7 year old “pre-teen” kid now. With my first daughter, I managed to breastfeed (miraculously) for 1 year. After 6 years, I got pregnant again and I thought breastfeeding would be easy peasy lemon squeeze kind of task. I have done it for 1 year with no prior knowledge (there wasn’t as much support as Facebook wasn’t so popular) surely I can do it again right! 

So hell it goes and there I pop my baby out. And there I go popping her at my boobs. 

Maybe my age plays a big difference already or maybe this baby is a big baby (3.08kg at birth. My first was 2.375kg), she seems not enough forever. 

I managed to somehow pull through and finally I ended my maternity leave. Back at work, I could only yield just nice amount. 

I pump twice at work. Each yielding 120-160ml. So total 320ml at work. My morning pump after latch is 120-150ml. So I take 420ml total. 

My baby Sara goes to infant care and take 3 bottles of 140ml amounting to 420ml. Which is just nice what I pump per day. I try to pump extras throughout the weekend to keep up with in case of wastage. 

I tell myself this can’t go on, I will die if she want to eat more. I have frozen milk, but I really hate the smell so I try not to touch it. I wouldn’t drink so I wouldn’t want my baby to drink. (This is purely my choice for the baby) 

So I have been trying many foods and drinks to boost breastmilk supply and some of the food take some time, some see immediate results. 

Some of the food/drinks I have tried and it works:

1. Vitasoy

Yes vitasoy! I swear by vitasoy. I have it one per day I can yield 200-220 ml for first pump at work instead of 160 my max! 

vitasoy lactogenic
vitasoy boost milk supply

2. Home made barley

Yes! U can order at kopitiam for self cooked barley drink. The first time I drank it really boost my supply so much that my baby feels so Shiok haha! 

You can use this Ayam brand barley to cook also. But being the lazy me I sometimes just order it outside. 

Ayam brand white pearl barley
Ayam Brand White Pearl Barley

There are also some foods that many mummies have tried and it works for them. Somehow it doesn’t or maybe I don’t feel it has significant increase for me. 

  1. Durians
  2. Salmon fish 
  3. Oats
  4. Bubble milk tea 

P/s I have initially used fernugreek to boost my supply. And it caused very serious tummy problem for my baby. She had colic at age 1 month until 2 months old. I didn’t know it’s because of fernugreek. It was prescribed to me during my hospital stay. And she keep pooping green stool and 7-8 times per day even at 3 months old. After eliminating fernugreek, she got better and she doesn’t poop green stool and also just 3 times per day of soiled diapers. 

My point is try natural food. Skip fernugreek because there are many mummies out there who eat fernugreek and the baby had bloated tummy too. 

P/P/S: I welcome suggestions ! 

Above text is just my own suggestion and I have tried based on my own experience. If in doubt please consult your own doctor because obviously I am not a doctor. Thank u ! 

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