Electric Lunch Box – Minced Meat Corn Soup and Steamed Chicken Wings 

Yesterday I tried Ikan bilis corn soup, it was tasty but with a fishy taste and my elder daughter Vera doesn’t really like the taste too much.

So today, to experiment the electric lunch box again, I went to buy minced meat. My office pantry auntie inspired me to use minced meat because I told her I lazy to blanch the pork ribs for soup. She told me to use minced meat.

My mother taught me to marinate the minced meat before cooking soup, so I marinated with light soya sauce and some oil. I forgot to add some flour to make it soft. But she did mention to ask me use flour. I only managed to marinate 15 min but I would suggest 30 min and longer would be better!

I threw in minced meat, half a corn, crab meat and cheese tofu, into the big pot. This time I forgot to put in red dates but it would be good to enhance the sweetness!

Ingredients for Minced Meat Corn Soup
Ingredients for Minced Meat Corn Soup

I also wanted to steam some chicken mid joint wings so I placed it inside the medium bowl placing on the top tier. I didn’t marinate the wings because of lack of time, but I would suggest to do it!

Steam Mid Joint Wings
Steam Mid Joint Wings

I put the soup and the wings into the electric lunch box for it to do its magic. I poured two cups of water into the base provided by the lunch box and on the electricity.

Around 30min to 45 mins, the soup is ready and with steaming hot chicken mid joint wings!

Minced Meat Corn Soup
Minced Meat Corn Soup using Electric Lunch Box
Steamed Chicken Mid Joints with Electric Lunch Box
Steamed Chicken Mid Joints with Electric Lunch Box

Soup ingredients

  • 100g minced meat (marinate 30 min with light soya sauce, pepper, oil)
  • Half corn
  • Cheese tofu (optional)
  • Crab Meat (optional)

Steamed Chicken Midjoints

  • Put Midjoints into bowl
  • Two table spoons light soya sauce
  • Pepper
  • Dash of sesame oil
  • Pepper
  • (Marinate overnight before steam preferred)

Hope you guys like my simple cooking. I am lazy therefore I always find easy way out haha!

Let me have some good and simple delicious recipe ideas!

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