My First Electric Lunch Box

Wow my first post. And I shall post about my first meal with my first electric lunch box!

I bought this 3-tier little bear electric lunch box (ELB in short) from qoo10 for $26 including shipping.

So I buy this ELB is because I want to prepare small portion of fish or porridge for my baby next time (just an excuse to buy new gadgets). It will auto shut off once the water level inside finishes. So I can just place my food into the pot. Press the on button, go shower or go play my clash royale. And then come back with cooked fish and rice. Can even cook soup!

To try my electric lunch box, I decide to cook a small portion of porridge. I dig from my fridge some Ikan bilis, corn, dried scallops and crab meat. I throw all in with half a small cup of rice. And add maybe 4 cups of water.

Then the upper layer I put two sweet potato (because don’t waste time). I pour a cup of water which the lunch box provided into the bottom area, close the lid, press the button and let it do its own cooking.

And tadah!

Nice piping corn porridge with steam sweet potato!

*i did take out the sweet potato first after the button kicked. Then I continue another half cup of water to cook the porridge because I prefer it more “gao”

electric lunch box
corn ikan bilis porridge
electric lunch box
steam sweet potato

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