Corn soup rice and steamed salmon with ELB

Playing with my electric lunch box again. This time I want to try to cook for my daughter who has been eating outside food too frequently.

I came home after buying a pack of corn and salmon.
I used my fastest speed to prepare the ingredients.

Quite happy with the end results. Basically the big bowl cook soup. On top put salmon fish to steam. The most top tier I put my bowl of rice to steam.

When we reach home we have a meal for one person. She cannot finish the soup, me and husband can even drink it. And she can gobble down the corn together!

Basically just on the switch and leave it until the light go off!


  1. Ikan bilis handful
  2. Half of corn
  3. One carrot chopped
  4. One red date (optional)
  5. One sotong ball (optional)
  6. One crab stick

Steamed salmon:

  1. Salmon 300g
  2. Some soy sauce
  3. Some teriyaki sauce


  1. One cup rice
  2. One cup water
Corn Carrot ikan bilis Soup
Salmon pieces
Dinner using Electric Lunch Box

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